Very big success of our Spanish mastiff at the European dog show in Poland, 13.10.2018

Our veteran Qwendy Mastibe won the highest title among all Spanish mastiffs - BOB (Best of Breed)! Her other titles are excellent 1, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, best veteran and became VETERAN CHAMPION of POLAND!

Our Leopoldo in the champion class got excellent 1, CWC, CACIB, EUROPEAN WINNER and BOS! He also became CHAMPION OF POLAND!

And our smallest ..... Zarron Mastibe in minor puppy class - very promising 1, Hope of Europe as well as Ziggi Mastibe very promising 1, Hope of Europe and the best minor puppy of breed.

It is important to note that EDS took part in our spanish mastiffs from one family. Puppies from our last litter Z with their dad and their grandmother.

And big thank you to Romana Richterová, who contributed a lot to the success of our dogs and she presented Ziggi, Leopold and Qwendy. I also have to thank Bára Mikulová, who tried Zarron's happiness and for her help in finaly ring with Qwendy.

Video of all spanish mastiff.

Puppies for sale

male ZIGGO for sale

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07.10.2018 International show in České Budějovice - CZ, judge Sergej Vanža. 9 spanish mastiff were presented at this show.

For Zarron Mastibe it was first show and in baby class he got very promising 1.

In champion class our Leopoldo del Dharmapuri got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB - best of breed.

And in veteran class were two females and our Qwendy Mastibe was excellent 1 and BOV - best veteran. She fulfilled the title CZECH VETERAN CHAMPION!

Thank you Bara Mikulová and Michaela Mrázková for photos and for video of Fanda thank you Michaela.

At club show in Douai was premiered for Zercho Mastibe, who lives in France. The judge rated him very promising 1, BOB BABY!

23.09.2018 CLUB SHOW KMDPP, judge Mgr.Božena Ovesná

Our Leopoldo won the title BIS - best in show. In the final ring were BOB: english mastiff, dogo argentino, dogue de bordeaux, fila brasileiro, central asian shepherd dog, tosa inu and our spanish mastiff.

Leopoldo del Dharmapuri in champion class got excellent 1, CAC, BOB and BIS!

Our Qwendy Mastibe in veteran class got excellent 1, BOS - best female in breed!

At this show were spanish mastiff from 4 kennels (Dharmapuri, Mastibe, de Kamastino and Tornádo Erben).

National show in Olomouc - CZ, 02.09.2018. Judge Miroslav Václavík. Our Qwendy in veteran class - Excellent 1, BOV - best of veteran!

12.08.2018 We were at World Dog Show in Amsterdam. Our Leopoldo got great result: excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB. Our veteran Qwendy was very well presented in veteran class with result excellent 2. The video of our dogs and others spanish mastiffs you can see in the SHOWS. Thank you a lot Romana Richterova for excellent handling our dogs.

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At the weekend of 26 and 27 May 2018 were two international shows in Serbia. On Saturday, in Ada, our Leopoldo got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, and BOB (best of breed). On Sunday, in Subotica, he got equally nice results. Our Leopoldo became CHAMPION OF SERBIA! My thanks is for Romana Richterova and Hana Ditrich Pauchova, that they found a place in the car for our giant Leopoldo and they took him with them for a trip. Big thanks to Romana for a great handling in the ring and care of Leopoldo for the whole weekend.

12.05.2018 Club Show KMDPP, judge Anna Kochan from Poland. At this show was Yagga Mastibe. She got nice result Excellent 1, CAC. Congratulations to owner!

08.04.2018 National dog show, judge Vladimír Piskay. Our Yuppie in champion class got Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner and BOB - Best of Breed.

Yuppie fullfiled the title  GRAND CHAMPION OF CZECH.

Our beautiful young boy Leopoldo del Dharmapuri is stud male. Official X-ray results: HD A, ED 0/0 a OCD negative.


04.02.2018 judge František Šimek, CZ

Leopoldo del Dharmapuri in intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Yagga Mastibe in open class - excellent  1, CAC, res.CACIB

Yuppie Mastibe in champion class - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Yagga fulfilled the title CHAMPION OF CZECH!


03.02.2018 judge Carsten Birk from Denmark

Leopoldo del Dharmapuri in intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Yuppie Mastibe in champion class - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Yuppie fulfilled the title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION OF BEAUTY - C.I.B.!


 judge Gabriela Ridarčíková from Slovakia

Leopoldo del Dharmapuri in intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB

Yagga Mastibe in open class - excellent 1, CAC

Yuppie Mastibe in champion class - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOS

Leopoldo fulfilled the title JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CZECH!

Yuppie fulfilled the title CHAMPION OF CZECH and CHAMPION OF ČMKU!